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Terms of Use 
Terms & Conditions 
1. Your quote is valid for 30 days. We must commence works within 90 days of acceptance, unless agreed in writing prior to acceptance. After this time, your quote may no longer be valid. In this circumstance you will need to contact us for a new one. 
2. The quotation is subject to availability of appliance(s) equipment or other materials. Where necessary we would offer you a suitable alternative, subject to your acceptance, to complete the work. 
3. We will make every reasonable effort to commence and complete the work within the agreed times but cannot accept liability for delays beyond our control. We will inform you of any delays at the earliest possible time and agree new time frames for the works. Should any delays to our works occur due to you, or any third party working under your instruction, you may be liable for costs. These include, but are not limited to, our labour charges, delivery charges and hire fees. 
4. A 50% deposit is payable on acceptance of this quotation and must be accompanied by signed terms & conditions prior to us ordering materials. 
5. It is your responsibility to obtain all necessary Local Authority Consents prior to the commencement of any works, this includes if your property is a listed building. We will not be able to commence works until you have obtained the necessary permissions, evidence of which may be requested by us. If works are undertaken at your property and you have provided false or inaccurate information, you may be requested to compensate us for any losses we suffer. 
6. Unrestricted access to the premises is required in order that the installation may be undertaken. This includes access to water, gas, and electricity supplies. 
7. Any guarantee applies only to appliance(s) and materials supplied by us. Where we have connected new equipment to your existing system, we cannot accept responsibility for the cost of repairing or replacing parts of your existing system that later develop faults. including noises from expanding or contracting pipework. 
8. Unless due to the negligence of Heat and Homes Limited, our employees or sub-contractors, the customer bears the responsibility for any damage or loss to any fixed or unfixed materials relating to the work on the premises. This includes any materials not originally specified on your quotation that are disturbed due to additional works that are necessary to complete your installation. You may be required to redecorate, repair, or restore certain areas once the works are complete. If required, you must remove carpets/floorcoverings prior to commencement of the installation. It is also your responsibility to replace these items following completion of our works. 
9.Unless specifically stated, your quotation does not include for the following: 
a. The final painting of pipework or any redecoration, renewal, or repair of floorboards through which old pipes/cables were run. 
b. Chasing/boxing in of pipes or cables. 
10. Your quotation does not include for the removal of dangerous materials, such as asbestos, that could not reasonably be identified during the quotation visit. A specialist contractor will need to be called in to remove this hazard and a 'site clearance for reoccupation' certificate obtained from them before we can continue our works. 
11. Your quotation includes removing all non-dangerous materials including your old boiler, central heating parts we replace, your old fireplace and your old flue liner for disposal. We cannot guarantee, nor will we endeavour unless specified in the quote, to preserve items for customer resale or reuse. 
12. No liability can be accepted for damage caused by reasonable disturbance of existing supplies, pipes, tanks, or fire surrounds. 
13. Your water supply pressure will be tested during the quotation visit. However, water supply rates can change, we cannot be held responsible for your central heating system failing to work properly due to your water supply/pressure changing or becoming inadequate. 
14. All chimney systems are designed and installed in compliance with Building Control Approved Documents Part F, J and L, however this is no guarantee of performance under all weather conditions. 
15. We cannot be held responsible if we cannot meet our responsibilities due to circumstances beyond our control. This includes, but is not limited to: 
a. Adverse weather conditions 
b. Industrial disputes 
c. Strikes that we are not directly involved in. 
d. Pests 
e. Flora/fauna discovered to be subject to special protection. 
16. Where we have quoted to use a cherry picker or ladders for access, every effort will be made to use this equipment. However, in some circumstances use is restricted and this cannot be ascertained until we are on site. In this situation scaffolding may be required to complete your installation which would incur an additional cost. Scaffolding arranged by Heat and Homes Limited is charged at cost price with no additional mark-up added. 
17. Please understand your responsibilities as discussed and agreed in your quotation prior to work commencing. Should any of these tasks not be complete prior to our attendance there may be a delay to your installation and/or you may incur additional costs. 
18. Any agreement with a third-party builder or other tradesman to carry out works post or prior to our installation is unrepentant of your agreement with us, even when we have put you in contact with a builder or local tradesman. We do not employ builders or local tradesman, nor do they subcontract for us. It is your responsibility to ensure the works are carried out as per your specification and the tradesmen you use carry the necessary qualifications and insurances. We are in no way liable for their work. 
19. Where a third party is used to undertake works prior to, and directly related to, our installation we will endeavour to provide them with technical guidance, however, Heat and Homes are in no way liable for the work they carry out. 
20. Upon completion of works an invoice will be raised for the outstanding balance. This will include any additions that have been agreed after the original quotation. The balance is payable immediately on receipt of the invoice and if applicable in accordance with your payment schedule on the quote document. You may incur additional charges should you fail to make payment within a reasonable time, or payment is rejected for reasons beyond our control. Building Control will be notified of any works via the relevant competent persons scheme with which Heat and Homes Limited registered. 
21. You will not be entitled to withhold monies due under the contract to offset accidental damage to your property covered by insurance. 
22. You will not be entitled to withhold monies under the contract if a product fault requires a replacement part from the manufacturer but does not prevent you from using the appliance or heating system. 
23. You will not be entitled to withhold monies under the contract if further works are required because of a change in specification by either party but do not prevent you from using the appliance or heating system. 
24. You will not be entitled due to any minor works outstanding that do not affect the operation of the appliance to withhold more than a proportionate amount of the outstanding balance. The amount withheld must be agreed with us and cannot delay payment of the final invoice. 
25. You have the right to cancel the contract within the cooling off period (14 days from the date of acceptance). You can do this either in writing to Heat and Homes 7-8 New Road Avenue, Rochester, Kent ME4 6BB or Email: info@heatandhomes.co.uk 
26. If you wish for us to begin work within your 14 days cooling off period, please complete the ‘Request to start work within the cancellation period’ document within your quotation pack. 
27. Should you cancel works after they have commenced (whether within the 14-day cooling off period or after) the following may be required: 
a. Return of any items that have been supplied. You will be required to pay delivery for these items, unless agreed in writing that we will attend to remove the items. We must be in receipt of these items within 14 days of cancellation. 
b. If items are not returned to us within 14 days, you will be charged for them. If we have agreed to attend to remove items and circumstances within your control prevent this, you will be charged. 
c. Delivery and/or restocking fees may be payable for items returned to us. 
d. Some products may not be able to be removed and you will be charged for these items. 
e. You may be charged for labour costs that we have already incurred prior to cancellation. 
f. Your deposit will be returned to you following cancellation. This figure will be altered to account for items/labour that have already been incurred. Should the items/labour costs be greater than you amount of your deposit, you will be invoiced for the difference. 
g. We will attempt to sell, to a third party, any custom/bespoke items that have been ordered and delivered to us that cannot be returned to the manufacturer. Until such time as this is achieved, your deposit will be held by us and returned after our costs have been recouped. 
28. Heat and Homes Limited with consent, may take photographic evidence of works to use for marketing or other promotional activities. This may include a “before” and “after” comparison. If you do not wish for us to do this, please state this inwriting prior to the commencement of works. 
29. Bespoke and made to order items, including but not limited to fireplace surrounds, hearths, and coloured stoves, cannot be returned to us or omitted from the final invoice once manufactured. 
30. If your installation requires works to change the pressure rating of the heating system or pipework. When changing your system to a high-pressure system. In the event of an existing component failure due to the increased pressure. It will be your responsibility to cover the cost to repair. 
31. Heat and homes Limited hold no responsibility whilst power flushing the central heating system if leaks occur to existing pipe work, under floors or within the fabric of the building. 
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