The project requirements 
Customer contacted Heat and Homes, they had recently moved into their new home. in their beautiful homes they had an oversized fireplace, the fireplace itself looked extremely well designed, and a good focal point for the room. Although it soon become apparent that the hearth protruded to far, becoming a trip hazard! Due to the size and height. 
What we did 
We discussed many options on how to remedy this. The agreed conclusion was to keep the fireplace which was in-keeping with the room and looked great. 
The fireplace was not going to be used as a working fireplace anymore, the solution was to overhaul the fire place and remove the trip hazard. 
Heat and Homes overhauled the fireplace – we removed the over-sized hearth from the front and side of the fireplace, we kept the original feature stone then re-cut to size, accommodating the smaller hearth. We removed the wood store to the side of the fireplace gaining back some room space to accommodate the furniture. Finished and restored the stone and brick work to ensure it matched with the rest of the fireplace. Fitted new skirting board and patch plastered wall to a level finish ready for the customers cabinet. We managed to restore the top shelf by cutting and shaping to fit fireplace. 
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